Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Realme Watch S: Which Is Better?

IDC estimated a 400 percent increase in the category of smartwatches in India’s wearables market, probably at the expense of smart bands (which include TWS buds and wristbands). The majority of consumers desire or are thinking about acquiring a smartwatch.

This market is dominated by Noise, a local brand. The ColorFit Pro 3 specs sheet includes some features and specifications from Apple’s and Samsung’s more expensive watches.

The ColorFit Pro 3 monitors your heart rate, is swim-ready and water-resistant and detects blood oxygen levels. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the last item on the list has taken on added significance. But how long will the watch last? So, here’s my take on it.

Low-cost, feature-rich fitness trackers, such as the Amazfit Bip, opened the way for a new generation of smartwatch-like devices. The current-generation Bip S, on the other hand, does not fit the criteria of a wristwatch at all. This also applies to everything else in this price range. In the end, these devices are nothing more than fitness trackers with a few minor extras tossed in for good measure. Realme, on the other hand, has loftier aspirations for its Watch S, which it boldly refers to as a smartwatch despite its lower price of Rs 4,999. The Realme GT 2 will go on sale in India for the first time today at 12 p.m. Pricing, specs, and offers

Realme Watch S Vs Noise Colorfit Pro 3: Comparison Table

FeaturesRealme Watch SNoise Colorfit Pro 3
Launching Year20192020
Model Name Watch SColorfit Pro 3
Available Colors Black, SilverWhite, Black, Green
Average Battery Life14 days15 days
Charging Time2 hours3 hours
CompatibilityiOs with 9.0 or above, an android with 5 and aboveAll Smartphones
BluetoothVersion 5.0vVersion 5.0
Display360×360 Pixels360×360 pixels
Online Price RangesRs.4,999Rs.3,499
Customer Ratings4/54.5/5

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Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Realme Watch S: Detailed Analysis


I’m always excited to see new designs of smartwatches, regardless of how cheap or pricey they are. The Watch S is one of the most innovative timepieces under Rs 5,000 that I’ve seen recently. Because of its butch design and sturdy metal construction, the Watch S sticks out among the sea of plasticky watches from Amazfit and other brands in its category. However, the LCD display, which by definition cannot be hidden from view, is well hidden by a variety of dial markers.

The Noise Colourfit Pro 3’s design, like those of other smartwatches, is primarily influenced by the Apple Watch. Like Apple’s prototype, it sports a 1.55-inch square HD touchscreen display with a 320×360 pixel resolution. The screen has a large chin despite the thin bezels. The size is sufficient for the work at hand. Furthermore, the viewing angles are excellent.


The Noise Colourfit Pro 3 has more watch faces to pick from thanks to a larger and brighter display. If you want more watch faces, connect the watch to your phone and download them through the Noise app. Connecting the watch should be simple if you have an Android or iOS device. The watch includes an optical heart rate sensor, as well as an accelerometer and gyroscope. Whereas the Realme Watch S, on the other hand, lacks the Watch S Pro’s speed and fluidity. Because there is no dual-core CPU, Realme has reduced the number of animations and visual effects. Because of the reduced resolution display, swiping between UI elements is cumbersome, making the pixelated UI elements stand out even more. The Amazfit Bip U’s user interface is less appealing than that of the Amazfit Bip U.

In terms of smart experience, the Watch S and the Amazfit Bip U have the same UI. Notifications from apps and messaging services are displayed on the watch, but they cannot be interacted with. In contrast to Samsung’s Tizen platform, you cannot customize your response. There are also many texts and emails that are difficult to see due to the large 1.3-inch display. Realme may be able to fix this with a future software release.

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The battery in the Noise Colorfit Pro 3 is only 210mAh, which is insufficient for a watch with such a huge display. The smartwatch only lasted a week, which was a little disappointing. The ideal smartwatch has a battery life of at least 10 days, but this one fell short.

According to Realme, the Realme 1’s battery life can last up to 15 days with moderate use. I opted to recharge the battery on the Realme Watch S after roughly two weeks of use since I was bored. Also, keep in mind that the battery was only 10% charged when I charged it. The pins under the watch make aligning the magnetic adaptor with the pins difficult. The Watch S, on the other hand, takes about two hours to recharge with a standard 10W charger.


The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 is compatible with cellphones running Android 4.4 and iOS 9. It has a blood oxygen sensor, as well as 24-hour heart rate monitoring and SpO2 monitoring. The SpO2 tracker works well most of the time. A professional blood oxygen monitor, on the other hand, is still preferred. Colorfit Pro 3 now has a breathing mode that allows you to do breathing exercises while sleeping. It is possible to track stress levels using sleep modes, however, this should not be considered a credible measure of stress levels.

Most parts of the Realme Watch S can be customized via the Realme Link app or the watch itself. This tool has a lot to offer, and it is simple to use and straightforward in its explanations. The Zepp app from Amazfit, on the other hand, is more difficult to use for ordinary users.

Realme includes a 1.3-inch screen and a large range of watch faces to pick from. You can choose from a variety of pre-made graphic faces or make your own background if you want. Some of them are animated as well. Realme’s watch face variety has something for everyone, and I hope the firm continues to release more ones in the future.

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Realme Watch S Vs Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Quick Result

ParticularsRealme Watch SNoise Colorfit Pro 3  Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodGoodAny
DisplayGoodAverageRealme Watch S
PerformanceGoodBetterNoise Colorfit Pro 3

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Realme Watch S: Final Verdict

The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 is a fantastic smartwatch option for Rs 3,999. To deliver this level of utility, the product’s design and construction must be considered. This review started with a question concerning the price of the Noise Colorfit Pro 3. To summarize: a fantastic smartwatch for under $5,000 that fits all of the criteria for an excellent smartwatch in its price range. Colorfit Pro 3 is an excellent choice for individuals who want an excellent fitness tracker but are unconcerned about its appearance.

After a week of use, the Realme Watch S appears to be a good buy for Rs 4,999. When compared to other gadgets in this price range, the Realme Watch S is undeniably well-built. Those aiming for a more macho look will like wearing it. It’s stylish, comfortable to wear, and works well as a fitness tracker. This is an intriguing choice for people looking for an alternative to the Amazfit Bip U.

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