Noise Colorfit Pulse Vs Colorfit Qube: Which Is Best?

Noise Colorfit Pulse VS Colorfit Qube

It is now possible to purchase the Noise  Colorfit Qube Smartwatch for 2499 Indian rupees. In addition to being square in shape, Colorfit Qube is available in two different color options. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the claims that Noise has made about these smartwatches. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are introduced into the Indian market on a weekly basis. In a new smartwatch, Noise ColorFit Pulse, India’s No. 1 Wearable Brand, has introduced a new edition. The ColorFit Pulse Grand from Noise is a high-end smartwatch with a color-changing display.

With a polycarbonate case and a 20mm soft silicone strap, the Noise Colorfit Qube is a well-made watch that is both comfortable and long-lasting. Because of their IP68 rating, these smartwatches are water-resistant. It was available in four color options in India: Jet Black, Champagne Grey, Electric Blue, and Olive Green. The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch was released in four color options in India: Jet Black, Champagne Grey, Electric Blue, and Olive Green. Because of its IP68 waterproof rating and 60 sports modes, this smartwatch is ideal for working out at the gym. For the time being, you can obtain a Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch for review purposes.

Noise Color Fit Pulse Vs Noise Colorfit Qube: Comparison Table

FeaturesNoise Colorfit pulseNoise Colorfit Qube
Launching Year20202021
Model NameColorfit pulseColorfit Qube
Available ColorsBlackPink, Black
Average Battery Life10 days7 days
Charging Time2 hours3 hours
CompatibilityAll SmartphonesAll Smartphones
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 5.0
Display240×240 PixelsCurved HD
Online Price RangesRs.3,999Rs.4,999
Customer Ratings4/53.8/5

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Color Fit Pulse Vs Noise Colorfit Qube: Detailed Analysis


Noise‘s ColorFit Pulse Grand Watch has a suggested retail price of Rs 1,999. It does, however, come at a cost of Rs 3,999. It is currently available for Rs. 2,499 on Amazon and Noisy’s official website, and it is designed to be worn as a smartwatch. The Noisy Colorfit Qube Smartwatch, on the other hand, was made available at a low price of 2499 Indian rupees (approximately). In addition to being square in shape, these smartwatches are available in two different color options. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the claims that Noise has made about these smartwatches.

Colorfit Noise Qube Smartwatch Design

Because of their square shape and two color options, these smartwatches have an upscale appearance. By pressing a button on the side of the smartwatch, you can turn on or off the display of the device. The strap of this watch can be swapped out for a 20mm band thanks to the use of soft and attractive buckles. The sensors and charging port are located on the back of the watch. The construction and design of this timepiece appear to be of high quality, as does its appearance.

ColorFit Pulse Design

Noise Colorfit Pulse

The ColorFit Pulse Smartwatch from Noise is entirely constructed of plastic. An upscale version of the original design was created using the same concept as the original. When the watch is worn on the wrist, it has a premium feel to it. Only 45 grams are required to wear the ColorFit Pulse Grand timepiece. Because of this, it’s a pleasure to put on. The dimensions of this smartwatch are slightly larger than 4 by 3 by 1 centimeter. The smartwatch’s display is housed in a curved portion of the case with a curved finish, which is a nice touch. Furthermore, the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand headphones have an IP68 rating, which means that they are protected from sweat and rain.


The Colorfit Qube Smartwatch has a lot of display noise. In addition to an LCD display with a resolution of 240*242 pixels and a full touch screen that isn’t the sharpest but is adequate for their price,” says a spokesperson for the company. All of the images and text are easy to read, and the color scheme is pleasing to the eye. Although the brightness of these smartwatches is sufficient for indoor use, when used outdoors, they must be set to their highest possible level of illumination. The absence of an auto-brightness feature on this smartwatch isn’t a deal-breaker, however. Novel display technology is used in conjunction with the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand, as opposed to other models. As a result, this smartwatch is equipped with a 1.69-inch TFT touchscreen LCD Grand Display as its primary display. Amazing how much contrast there is in this image. When wearing this smartwatch in direct sunlight, it is simple to operate. That is to say, it has a brightness setting of 5. So the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand’s display is clearly visible even in bright sunlight, despite the fact that it has a color filter.

With moderate-to-heavy use, the Colorfit Qube Smartwatch’s battery life should last up to seven days, but we can expect it to last between four and five days at the most. In order to fully charge the smartwatch from 0 percent to 100 percent, it takes approximately two and a half hours.

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Battery And Connectivity

Noise Colorfit Qube

Download the noise track companion app from Google Play or the Apple App Store in order to pair this smartwatch with your Android or iPhone device that supports Bluetooth version 5.1 connectivity. Noise In spite of the Colorfit Qube’s 180 mAh battery capacity, we anticipate that it will only last four to five days when used moderately to heavily. This is in contrast to the company’s claims of a seven-day battery backup. It takes two and a half hours to charge the smartwatch from 0 percent to 100 percent of its original capacity

Noise Colorfit Pulse Battery Life

A smartwatch’s battery life is the first thing that comes to mind when people are talking about purchasing one. Consequently, the company claims that the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch will have a battery life of seven days. The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand’s battery life should have lasted at least 15 days, according to the manufacturer. That it can be recharged in 15 minutes and be ready to use for 24 hours is the most appealing feature of the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch.


The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch has more and better functionality than the Noise ColorFit Pulse smartwatch, which is currently on the market. Since last Friday, I’ve been wearing this Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch on a daily basis. On the basis of features and functionality, the Smartwatch is simply exceptional. Pedometer, heart rate monitor, SpO2 (blood oxygen monitor), blood pressure monitor, calorie counter, step counter, sleep tracker, and stress monitor are all included in this ColorFit Pulse Grand. Aside from that, the smartwatch is equipped with a weather application. There is also a feature for controlling the music. Also included is a fantastic feature known as Calls & SMS Quick Reply, which allows you to respond quickly to calls and SMS messages. To sync your ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch with your smartphone, simply open the “NoiseFit: Health & Fitness” app on your phone.

Noise Colorfit pulse  Vs Colorfit Qube: Quick Result

ParticularsNoise Colorfit PulseNoise Colorfit QubeWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
DisplayGoodAverageNoise Qube

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Customer Reviews And Feedback

Noise Colorfit Pulse

  • You must constantly have your phone connected, and the noise app MUST ALWAYS run in the background! This was really inconvenient because all of these factors conspired to significantly drain the battery.
  • Simply adore the product….without a question, purchase it.
  • Excellent product that has a heart rate monitor, an SPO2 meter (which I was hoping for in this price range), exercise objectives, an alarm, and a call rejector. The only item I was missing was the opportunity to phone and message.
  • The battery life is adequate. Charges from 0% to 100% in one hour. A screen-off timer is missing. Occasionally, the screen is quickly turned off without being thoroughly checked. In general, a good product!
  • I adore the appearance and feel of this watch, as well as the pricing point. Has an excellent battery life and a clearly viewable screen.

Noise Colrfit Qube

  • At this price, this is an excellent watch with an attractive appearance and an excellent sports mode. We adore the design!
  • A fantastic timepiece at an incredible bargain. Excellent battery with excellent connectivity! Watch faces that are extremely appealing.
  • The best smartwatch in its class. Although it appears to be modest, it is jam-packed with essential daily activities.
  • Although it lacks sp02 and blood pressure measurements, I am content because these two measurements are seldom accurate.
  • The price range is incredible, various sports modes cater to all your needs, rich appearance

Color Fit Pulse Vs Noise Colorfit Qube: Final Verdict

Colorfit Qube is an excellent smartwatch with a slew of useful features that are well worth the price. When it comes to both quality and design, this smartwatch is outstanding! It is possible to use this smartwatch while swimming due to the fact that it is compatible with all devices and has an IP68 water-resistant rating. Whereas Colorfit pulse is also one of the best Smartwatches in the Budget Segment.

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