POCO X3 Pro Vs Redmi Note 10s: Which One To Buy?

POCO X3 Pro Vs Redmi Note 10s

Trying to find a new smartphone? But couldn’t find a suitable one for you? Or are good smartphones over budget? Just throw away all these thoughts as we have some of the best smartphones of their time. Both of these Smartphones are provided by well-known brands called POCO and Redmi.  

These brands are providing a great quality of smartphones one greater than another. So, here we have a comparison of POCO X3 Pro and Redmi Note 10S. Two awesome models were provided by two great brands competing in the market to date.   

POCO X3 Pro VS Redmi Note 10s: Comparison Chart

CategoryPOCO X3 ProRedmi Note 10S
Launch Year20212021
ModelPOCO X3 ProNote 10S
OSAndroid 11Android 11
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 860MediaTek G95
Memory8GB RAM + 128GB Memory8GB RAM + 128GB Memory
AnTuTu Score477882324498
CameraFront 20 MP + Rear 48 + 8 MPFront 13 MP + Rear 64 MP
Price20,000 INR15,499 INR

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POCO X3 Pro VS Redmi Note 10S: Detailed Analysis    


POCO X3 Pro has a 5160mah battery along with 33W fast charging which goes 0%-100% in around an hour. It provides 7-8 hours of screen time with heavy usage, and with moderate usage or a bit of multitasking, the battery can last for a day.  

Redmi Note 10S has a 5000mAh battery along with the same 33W fast charging which goes 0%-80% in an hour and 1.5 hours for a full charge. talking the screen time of this device is around 3 days with moderate usage and heavy usage can last around 20-25 hours.  



POCO X3 comes with a 20MP Front Camera and a 48+8MP Rear Quad-camera. The picture quality provided is pretty decent but this device is not made for camera quality so if you’re looking for a device with great camera quality and not the performance then you can pass on this smartphone. Now talking about the Redmi Note 10S, it comes with a 13MP Front Camera and a 64MP Rear camera. The picture quality is great and the camera is the main attraction of this device. So, if you are looking for a great camera device then the Redmi Note 10S is a great choice for you.  


POCO X3 Pro has an IPS LCD screen display, with a refresh rate of 120hz which is pretty fast and you can notice the smoothness while grinding your gaming sessions. It has a bright display but it’s not so visible outdoors, you will be able to see it only if you try hard enough. Sometimes you may notice that the fast refresh rate of 120hz may stutter for a millisecond sometimes while using the device but it only occurs when the battery is low. If you were an AMOLED display user then you can notice the diminished clarity but for a normal user, the display is good enough.   

On the other hand, Redmi Note 10S has an AMOLED display which is great and the difference can be noticed as it makes the display enhanced. Talking about the brightness of the device, it’s not that great but better than POCO X3 Pro, outdoor visibility is way good than any other device within the same price range.

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The performance of POCO X3 is great. Long gaming sessions for 45 mins–1 hour will not affect the thermals of the device thanks to the liquid cooling technology, yes it will get warm but it won’t affect the performance of the device, it’ll still be smooth as before. It comes with UFS 3.1 technology and it makes a difference when opening apps on the device or copying something, you can notice the speed while doing so.  

Redmi Note 10S provides a decent performance result, it can hold up to an hour with heavy usage and the thermals will not be affected but the drawback for this device is that overheating may cause this device to turn itself off or the performance will be a bit disturbed due to the random freezes.  


POCO X3 pro provides a decent level of sound that can be noticed outdoors, and it also comes with a feature called ‘Clear speaker’. It plays a certain sound for 30 seconds, removing all the dust particles settled inside the speaker. So, no more dusty speakers from now on.   

Redmi Note 10S also provides a great sound quality but it may not be that loud to be heard outdoors. it contains stereo speakers with 3.5mm drivers which provide 24-bit or 192Hz audio which prevents the audio to face any distortions.   


Redmi Note 10s

POCO X3 Pro Comes with Side Mounted fingerprint sensor and the face lock is amazingly fast the face lock can also be unlocked even with facemasks on.  

On the other hand, Redmi Note 10S also comes with a side-mounted fingerprint which is not as fast as POCO X3 Pro but still cuts the chase from other devices in the same range.   


Coming towards the design of POCO X3 Pro, the texture of the cover is glossy in the middle and slightly matte/rough at the edges which provides a better grip and is good for dirty fingerprints. It weighs 213g which is slightly heavier than an average but you’ll get used to it after some time. Contains a Hybrid sim card slot and provides Gorilla Glass 6 protection. The Drawback here is that this device doesn’t provide waterproofing  

But Redmi Note 10S is lighter than POCO X3 Pro as it weighs only 178 grams which still comes under the heavy side. It has a plastic body and the screen is protected by the Gorilla Glass 3 and comes with IP53 protection which provides water and dust protection.  

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POCO X3 Pro Vs Redmi Note 10S: Quick Result  

CategoryPOCO X3 ProRedmi Note 10SBest One?
CameraGoodGreatRedmi Note 10S
DisplayGoodExcellentRedmi Note 10S
PerformaceGreatGoodPOCO X3 Pro
SecurityGreatGoodPOCO X3 Pro
DesignGoodNicePOCO X3 Pro

Customer Reviews And Feedback

POCO X3 Pro  

  • Gaming is so much fun on this device.
  • Battery drains too fast while heavy usage.
  • Display quality is not good outdoors. 

Redmi Note 10S  

  • Gaming or any heavy overheats this device quickly.
  • The camera quality is great but not the best.
  • The display quality and battery are great. 

POCO X3 Pro VS Redmi Note 10S: Final Verdict  

Still couldn’t decide? let us help you out a bit by deciding which device is a fit for you. Both POCO X3 and Redmi Note 10S are good smartphones to buy on this date. but both of these have some distinctions. If you want a device for greater performance or you are a hardcore gamer and want a device for long gaming sessions the without a doubt POCO X3 Pro is the one for you but it may not provide a great camera quality.   

But if you’re not a gaming geek and just want your smartphone to have cool features and good performance then the Redmi Note 10S is the one for you and the price of this device is also more favourable than POCO X3 which is also a reason to buy this device.  

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