BoAt Stone 1500 vs 1400 Comparison and Review

The boat has a wide range of products that expand from normal to Mid-range prices. We recently saw Boat Stone 1500 and 1400 as they came under the same budget section and to give you an honest review we tested both the products for a week and came to a conclusion. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while going for one of the Speakers as without the proper knowledge you might end up regretting it.

So let’s not wait much and first compare the product specifications and later on talk about our personal opinion.

BoAt Stone 1500 vs 1400

Overview BoAt Stone 1500 BoAt Stone 1400
Product Dimensions11.5 x 11.5 x 26.7 cm17.8 x 18.4 x 37.8 cm
Audio Output Mode‎Stereo‎Stereo
Wattage40 Watts30 Watts
Battery Average Life15 Hours7 Hours
Battery Capacity4000 mAh2500 mAh
Weight 3 Kg‎1 kg 800 g
Charging Time 4.5 Hours 4.5 Hours
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 4.2Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Waterproof IPX6 Water Resistance IPX5 Water Resistance
ConnectivityBluetooth,  Aux Cable, USB PortBluetooth,  Aux Cable, USB Port
Boat stone 1500 vs 1400

Boat stone 1500 vs 1400 Personal Opinion

Boat stone 1400

We Tested both the devices and the results were Straight. One of the devices directly outperforms the other one. Let’s talk about our personal opinion and how we felt about the devices. The price is not much different Boat stone 1400 Costs 4499 and Boat stone 1500 5999. There is a difference of 1500 rs and both the products belong to the same company yet there is a vast difference between these two.

BoAt Stone 1500 vs 1400 Weight

Both the devices have a heavy difference in terms of weight. BoAt Stone 1500 weights around 1 kg 800 g whereas BoAt Stone 1400 weights around 3 Kilogram straight that’s almost .8x more. If weight is your issue and you need a little lightweight device then Boat Stone 1400 might be the best choice But in our opinion both the devices are pretty heavy for outings but the audio quality that is delivered from this size device is quite acceptable.

BoAt Stone 1500 Vs 1400 Audio Quality

BoAt Stone 1500 and 1400 both the devices have a vast difference in terms of audio quality as BoAT 1500 comes with 40w and 1400 with 30w. thus the audio quality will straight be different on both devices. In terms of treble and bass Boat stone 1500 is unbeatable. Whereas 1400 comes with a little low audio quality in terms of treble and bass. Although the audio in both the devices is acceptable and good to sound in parties and indoor. Outdoor audio is superb and loud and can make your whole squad grove.

Boat 1500 comes with an interesting mode we can switch the device from Indoor to Outdoor mode. The basic difference will be that in Indoor mode we can get a clear bass and Solid Audio quality wherein the Outdoor mode delivers a broad audio with a lesser bass. We felt that this Mode is Really interesting and Needy in terms of outdoor where usually other speakers turn the audio quality down.

BoAt Stone 1500

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BoAt Stone 1500 Vs 1400 Battery and Playback

Now, this is the point where we felt that BoAt Stone 1500 Vs 1400 might declare a clear winner. Boat Stone 1500 takes the same time as Boat Stone 1400 to charge i.e 4.5 Hours. But on the other end, The battery backup of both the devices has a massive difference. Boat Stone 1500 gives 15 Hours back up and on the other end, Boat Stone 1400 works only for 7 Hours.

If you are looking for something that might clear your whole day with music Boat Stone 1500 is the perfect choice as it charges comparatively quickly as per the battery backup. Whereas Boat Stone 1400 is poor in terms of charging and the Backup it gives.

BoAt Stone 1500 Vs 1400 Bluetooth

Both the devices are packed with Bluetooth 4.2v and are easy to connect. Both the devices can be connected to two devices simultaneously. The distance up to which the Bluetooth receives the signal is 10m and can be connected via aux and USB as well.

BoAt Stone 1500 Vs 1400 Microphone

BoAt Stone 1500 and 1400 both have inbuild microphones and can be used for hands-free calls. The voice quality is good and there is no noise cancellation. The devices have a range of 3-5 m for the microphone.

BoAt Stone 1500 Vs 1400 Buttons and Build Quality

The boat has never failed us with the Quality product it has but to the surprise, there is a little Glitch in the Boat Stone 1400 as the buttons stop responding after a while. Although it didn’t happen with us, we received about 2-3 videos where the quality of the buttons was told to be bad. On the other end Boat 1500 does not has a sophisticated design, it is a simple drum-shaped Speaker and can be used In Rugged conditions as well.

BoAt Stone 1500 vs 1400 Final Verdict

Both the devices are well and good if you have a low budget and 1500 seems a lot to upgrade at 1500 then you can go ahead with Boat Stone 1400. But as per our recommendations, Boat Stone 1500 Is the king. With high-quality audio proper battery backup better builds quality Boat Stone 1400 is left far behind.

If you have any questions you can jump to our Comments section and we will be happy to assist you with your buying!

Frequently asked Questions

Can we use boat Stone 1500 while charging?

Yes, We can play the device while it is connected to a charger.

Does boAt Stone 1500 have FM?

Yes, the speakers have different modes amongst which FM is also present.

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