How To Recover Data From A Dead Phone Without A Battery?

Smartphones play a significant role in our daily lives. Using this device to its full potential could save a lot of critical information and make our lives easier. However, there is a chance that we will dump them by mistake, causing them to die. Your primary concern at this point is how you’ll be able to recover all of your crucial data even if your phone is dead.

In reality, they can be recovered using third-party software

We’ve spent years developing apps and designing software that will allow you to recover all of your data even if your phone dies. Broken Android Data Extraction is the name of this third-party app. It’s done automatically, which is convenient.

Data Recovery on Dead Phones

You can recover all of your data from a dead Android phone using the toolkits – Broken Android Data Extraction, including your phone’s contact list, text message history, images, videos, WhatsApp, and call logs.

Because it will restore all of your data from a dead phone without overwriting it, the program is simple to use but extremely effective.

Because this tool lets you see your stuff before attempting to recover your data, you can be confident you’re getting the correct items. The application saves all recovered data to a designated location on your computer.

You can use this data as a backup by storing it on your computer. Why? You only need to transfer the data from your computer to a new mobile device if you get a new one and want it to have those files.

How To Recover Data From A Dead Phone Without A Battery?

The first step is to download, open, and connect the Toolkit to your device

How To Recover Data From A Dead Phone Without A Battery

After downloading Toolkit – Broken Android Data Extraction from the official website, install it on your Windows computer. When the program you just installed has been successfully installed, run it.

There should be no other data recovery software running in the background at the same time as this. After starting the software, connect your mobile device to your computer with a USB cable and select “Broken Android Data Extraction.”

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Determine the Condition of Your Phone

Your mobile device will then ask you about the current state of your Toolkit – Broken Android Data Extraction. Once you’ve determined the status of your gadget, click “Start” to begin.

Select a device type

Toolkit – Broken Android Data Extraction will prompt you for your device model when you choose the status of your mobile device.

If you enter the correct information, the program will only download the appropriate package for your mobile device. Once you’ve entered the correct name and model of your phone, simply click “Next.”

Put your dead phone into download mode

Follow these steps to enter “Download Mode” on your mobile device after you’ve selected the correct device name and model.

  • Turn off all electronic devices.
  • Hold down the volume down (-) key as well as the Home and Power buttons at the same time.
  • To fully activate Download Mode, press the volume up (+) button.

Download and run the Recovery Package

As soon as Toolkit – Broken Android Data Extraction enters Download Mode, it will begin analyzing and downloading the recovery package for your mobile device.

The application will then scan all of the data on your mobile device.

Preview and Recover Data from Your Dead Phone

When Toolkit – Broken Android Data Extraction has finished scanning your data from your dead smartphone, a list of all the file types detected in the left panel of your screen will be displayed. You can view the item in each file type separately.

Make a list of everything you want to keep from your broken phone. Your broken Samsung device’s internal memory contained these files. When all the objects you want to recover are selected and you are confident in your selections, just click the “Recover” button

After then, everything you’ve retrieved will be saved to a designated folder on your computer. Moreover, if you ever change mobile devices and want your old data to be transferred to your new one, you can simply do so from your computer to your new device.


The Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction can recover all of your data.

This program can recover text messages, call logs, images, and videos. WhatsApp conversations are also supported. It’s also highly user-friendly, as you can see from the step-by-step instructions how much time and effort you’ll save.

Apart from being extremely safe, the Toolkit – Broken Android Data Extraction is also very simple to use. Aside from its ease of use, this program is the most effective at retrieving all of your valuable data from a Samsung Galaxy mobile.

Broken Android Data Extraction with the Toolkit will help you retrieve your data even if you’ve forgotten the password to your smartphone. Have this program installed on your computer so that you may get your data back from your dead Samsung device without any bother or stress.

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How To Recover Data From A Dead Android Phone?

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