OneOdio Monitor 60 Vs OneOdio Pro 50 Studio Comparison!

OneOdio Monitor 60 Vs OneOdio Pro 50

OneOdio’s rapidly expanding headphone lineup is gradually introducing more “neutral” designs and sound signatures. This is especially important given that the company’s previous headphones were plagued by extremely unbalanced tunings. The new OneOdio Monitor 60, on the other hand, makes the correct decision by sacrificing some bass in order to achieve a more balanced (yet far from neutral) signature. Listening becomes a more pleasurable experience in this manner. Consequently

My first thought upon hearing from OneOdio and being asked to review their Pro-50 was how amusing their company name was. Because “odio” means “hatred” in Italian, it took me a while to realize that the name is a play on the pronunciation of “audio,” and the message it conveys is not what the company intended when they launched the brand. They are aware of the problem, but it is too late to change course now that trademarks have been registered and a substantial amount of merchandise has been manufactured. It is possible to have a lot of fun while learning a new language!

OneOdio Monitor 60  Vs OneOdio Monitor 50: Comparison Table

FeaturesOneOdio Monitor 60OneOdio Monitor 50
Launching Year20202019
Model NameMonitor 60Monitor 50
Connector TypeWiredWired
Available ColorsBlackWhite, Black
Max Input Power1600mW1450mW
CompatibilityDJ MixersDJ Mixers
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)10m10m
Frequency20 Hz-40Hz20 Hz-40Hz
Online Price RangesRs.8,499Rs.3,900
Customer Ratings4.2/54.6/5

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OneOdio Monitor 60 vs OneOdio Pro 50 Studio: Detailed Analysis

Simple Usability and Stylish Appearance

The grilles on the earcups and the all-matte black finish of the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones evoke a more “studio”/”pro” look; however, the company’s previous headphones have remained unchanged. The Monitor 60 appears more refined and less shabby than the Pro-50. Even the silver parts, I believe, have been improved.

They appear to be open-back, but they are actually made of solid plastic behind the grilles, giving the Monitor 60 the appearance of being closed-back.

The OneOdio Pro-50, on the other hand, has a rotating gimbal and cups that allow you to use only one earcup at a time. Just by looking at them, you can tell. They have a cheap appearance and feel due to the use of plastic, which is most noticeable in the fake metal parts. The effect would have been infinitely better and less tacky if those had not been present. Look no further if you’re looking for a cheap way to tell which channel you’re listening to. Despite its small size, it has a significant impact on how the rest of the design looks and feels.

Audio Quality

OneOdio Monitor 60

Despite its V-shape, the Monitor 60 is more balanced than previous offerings from the company. Nonetheless, the sound quality is noticeably superior to previous OneOdio products I’ve tried. A 50 mm diaphragm is used by the driver to drive the speaker.

The soundstage is relatively wide for a closed-back, giving the impression of a large space in which music can dissipate, despite the fact that all instruments sound close to the listener. It does, however, provide a lot more information about these three basic positions; the only problem is that the central one isn’t clearly defined. Imaging can tell you more than just where the instruments are in the left-centre-right positions. The amount of instrument separation that can be achieved in complex tracks is limited, as there is little distinction between the various parts, and some details are lost. OneOdio Pro-50 is a far cry from typical “studio” headphones, opting for a more consumer-oriented V-shape signature rather than a more neutral sound. It is simple to drive thanks to a dual-diaphragm driver with a 50 mm diameter, 32-ohm impedance, and 110 dB sensitivity.

Even though it isn’t piercing or harsh, after a few minutes of listening to the treble, I feel a growing sense of exhaustion and discomfort. The level of detail, however, is quite impressive given the price point. Expansion, on the other hand, is severely limited, with almost no coverage in the middle and upper regions.

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OneOdio Pro 50 Studio

The bass on the OneOdia Monitor 60 is noticeable but not overpowering. Despite its prominence, it never overwhelms or crushes the mids; rather, it serves as an accent that adds colour without overpowering the rest (too much). It does not reach the lowest notes despite having good depth, but there is a bump in the midbass region with relatively gentle slopes on both sides of the bump; it is most concentrated there. You won’t find anything faster, but the large diaphragm surface makes the transients feel more solid than they are. You can expect a lot of detail for a price like this, but not much more.

The OneOdio Pro 50 Bass, on the other hand, is massive to the point of being overwhelming. No, I don’t think they’re exaggerating when they say OneOdio has “bass in goosebumps.” The Pro-50 headphones deliver an unrelenting assault on your ears, with bass that blasts you and completely takes over. This collection is a must-have if you enjoy electronic music. It should be noted, however, that this lacks control and tends to dominate everything else, leaking massively over the mids and making the sound dark. The level of detail is high at the start of the track, but it decreases as the difficulty increases.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Vs OneOdio Monitor 50: Quick Result

ParticularsOneOdio Monitor 60OneOdio Monitor 50Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityGreatGreatAny

OneOdio Monitor 60 vs OneOdio Pro 50 Studio: The Final Verdict

The OneOdio Monitor 60 is undeniably superior to the company’s previous offerings. These headphones are distinguished from others by their more balanced tuning, such as the Pro-50. Nonetheless, the midrange and treble remain problematic. When it comes to V-shaped monitors, the Monitor 60 is an excellent choice if you can find it on sale (i.e. for less than $80). Keep in mind that they will not work with every song or genre, but they can still be entertaining without being overbearing. In comparison to the OneOdio Pro-50, which is adequate for the price. These well-built headphones with a unique cable system have polarising sounds because the bass is simply too dominant and the treble is simply too aggressive. As a result, they are difficult to recommend because they lack the necessary balance to render music correctly.

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