Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1

Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1

As several Indian manufacturers are now providing gaming accessories that can draw passionate gamers to their brands, ‘Truke’ is the newest company to enter the list. The IT community has made close attention to the new Truke BTG range of gaming earbuds. Two new Gaming TWS have recently been introduced in the Indian market by Truke, a firm well renowned for its premium wireless stereos, wireless headphones, earbuds, and custom acoustic equipment. 

The BTG 1 and the BTG 2 are two of the earbuds in the entirely gaming-focused line. We put a wide variety of TWS buds through their paces for the benefit of our readers, and today we are going to focus on three of those varieties. These buds are from a brand named Truke that is very new, and their model numbers are Truke BTG 1, Truke Buds S1, and Truke BTG2.

Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1: Comparison Table

FeaturesTruke BTG 1Truke BTG 2Truke Buds S1
Launching Year2022 20222021
Model NameTruke BTG 1Truke BTG 2Truke Buds S1
SeriesTruke BTG SeriesTruke BTG SeriesTruke Buds Seies
Online Pricing Range₹3,499₹3,499₹ 2,000
Customer Ratings4.3/54.5/54/5

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Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1: Detailed Analysis

Build and Design

Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1

Starting with the appearance, the Truke BTG 1’s case, with its brilliant green lights on the front, shouts gaming. The case is straight and has a futuristic, sharp-edged style. The material has a matte texture and will resist scratches for a longer time. On the rear of the casing, thankfully, there is a type-c port for charging the earphones. Let’s talk about the Truke BTG 1 earbuds. They have the same design and fit well in your ears. They are so light that, if you get used to them, you might even forget you’re wearing them. Touch controls and white and green LED lights are present on each earbud. Every one of them is branded with the name of the company and has two microphones that block out background noise. The touch controls are very precise; you can play or pause with a single tap and engage the assistance with a long push. With just a triple tap, you can instantly switch between the earbuds’ music and gaming modes.

The Truke BTG 2 earbuds are very well constructed in terms of build quality. Beginning with the case is constructed fairly nicely, is durable, and has a gaming-inspired design with a swarm of green LED lights up front. The case’s general shape is rounded, with no sharp edges. The case’s front is covered in green LEDs. When the case is charging, they turn on and blink, and they are stable when the earphones inside are charging. The Type-C charging connector located on the rear of the casing is another noteworthy change in the earbuds. To charge the earphones, you may simply use any of your type-c chargers. The touch control is really precise. You may switch between the two modes by simply touching the earphones three times: one is the game mode, and the other is the music mode.

Regarding the Truke Buds S1, its case is made of soft-touch plastic and has a design comparable to a hockey stick. The in-ear buds contain a short stem that holds the touch controls and microphones. The design is nothing special, and the black glossy coating on the earbuds attracts dirt and fingerprints and requires continuous washing. The battery in the casing is fairly substantial, giving the case some weight. The visual battery display for each of the earbuds is one standout feature here, though it might use some calibration to show a more realistic battery level.

Sound Quality

Any earbud’s primary duty is to deliver good sound quality for both listening to music and making phone calls. The range of the Truke BTG1 TWS earbuds is 10 meters, and they include 13mm, drivers. You shouldn’t expect the quality sound of Earbuds from these earbuds; their main function is to deliver reduced latency while gaming. Without equalization, the audio quality was ordinary and bland. They are not as evenly distributed as they should be when it comes to music, but they are on the higher side while the bass and treble are kept lower. 

If you enjoy bass music, you might want to tune your bass player prior to enhancing your listening experience. The earphones’ low latency of 60ms is its most significant characteristic. Initial tests show that the company’s claim is entirely true. The latency is still acceptable in both the music and gaming modes. When you move between modes, the earphones make an announcement of the new mode. In conclusion, it can be claimed that using these earbuds while gaming was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The sound quality of the Truke BTG2 TWS’s 13mm drivers is about decent. Without equalization, the audio coming from the earbuds sounds completely flat. The bass and treble are both maintained lower, while the mids are on the upper side. If you can adjust the equalizer on your phone, you can have a sound experience with decent bass. But even after correctly tuning the earphones from the phone, the audio quality was muted because the company had not correctly tuned the devices. The 60ms reduced latency of these earbuds is one of their outstanding qualities. These earphones deliver on their claims and offer the best gaming experience. When you go from music mode to gaming mode, there is a significant change in latency. When you move between two different settings, a notification is made by a voice in the earphones.

The Truke Buds S1 has 10mm, dynamic drivers, on each side, and they lean toward the bass end of the frequency spectrum. These are occasionally messy and not quite well-balanced. Lack of sound separation results from this. They are proficient at hearing vocals. These are surely something that podcast fans would love. These include twin microphones on either side, which improves call quality in calm settings but degrades in extremely noisy settings.

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Call Quality

Call quality is another aspect of Truke BTG 1 that the firm has to significantly enhance. We had no trouble hearing the other person during the evaluation, but they had a lot of trouble hearing our voice. There was a lot of background noise and the voice was distorted. This implies that the two ENC noise-canceling mics that the manufacturer includes are not very useful.

The Truke BTG 2 earbuds’ call quality is adequate and not the product’s standout feature. Although each Truke bud has two microphones for noise suppression, they don’t seem to perform as expected. Background noise during calls causes a lot of distractions, making it difficult for you to hear the person on the other end of the line. The voice is frequently muffled and echoed as well. Truke BTG 2 earbuds don’t stand out for their call quality despite the company’s inclusion of the “Quad Mic ENC” feature. Otherwise, nothing at this price point can compete with these pairs for gaming.

To be honest and direct, you cannot compare or expect more for the price you spend for Truke Buds S1. The call quality is adequate for the price, but if you are willing to pay more, you can have better services. Speaking of which, the call quality is once again acceptable indoors but useless when used outdoors.


Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1

We can declare with the assurance that the Truke BTG 1 earbuds’ battery life is their strong point. On a single charge, the earbuds have a battery life of more than 8 hours. The battery life is slightly reduced by a few hours while on a call, but not significantly. The manufacturer asserts that the earphones are fully charged in 80 to 90 minutes. Overall, you can rely on these earbuds to deliver high-quality sound throughout extended movie sessions.

While listening to music, Truke BTG 2’s battery life is easily extended to more than 8 hours. As is customary with all wireless earbuds, making calls affects battery life by a few hours. However, you may charge the earphones from 0 to 100% in 70 to 90 minutes. While the battery life is one of the main concerns with the most inexpensive earbuds, you can relax and choose Truke BTG 2 with ease and put all of your battery worries to rest.

Regarding the battery life of the Truke Buds S1, the manufacturer’s stated expectations were not precisely realized. The buds lasted about 6 hours, with the volume at 65% during our brief use. The cover has a sizable 500mAh battery inside of it that allows us to charge the device an additional four times. A full recharge of the case and the buds took just over an hour.

Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1: Quick Results

ParticularsTruke BTG 1Truke BTG 2Truke Buds S1Which One Is Better?
Sound QualityGoodGoodGoodAny
Call QualityAverageAverageAverageAny

Final Verdict: Truke BTG 1 vs Truke BTG2 vs Truke Buds S1

For all BGMI players searching for low latency, decent-sounding, reasonably priced earbuds, the Truke BTG 1 Gaming Earbuds are a perfect choice. The Truke BTG 1 is one of the better solutions for gamers. With a striking gaming-themed design and green led lights on the case, the build quality is excellent.

The Truke BTG 2 gaming earbuds offer a 60ms low latency mode for gamers and a pair of 13mm audio drivers to enjoy music, making them a respectable alternative for gamers. The mics are not the greatest in their class, but the audio quality is passable. But it matters that these earbuds are designed for gamers. The Tuke BTG 2 should be an option you take into consideration if you’re in the market for earbuds designed specifically for gaming.

The Truke Buds S1 are reasonably priced, making them suitable choices for those on a restricted budget. Get these instead if you want long battery life and good calling quality rather than believing they have the greatest audio in the under this price range.

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