Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021!

Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021
Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021

Your smartphone is more valuable than the actual price you have paid for it. It carries all your valuable and personal information that should be secured as it will be very risky if it leaks out. Therefore, losing your smartphone will be an unpleasant experience for you. Although it doesn’t matter what is the size of your phone or what is its price, nobody would want their smartphone stolen or lost. However, it may happen to anyone. 

In this article, we have provided some of the great anti theft apps for Android that will protect your  device, data and find your device if it gets lost or stolen.  Let’s check the Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021.

Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021

Listed below are the 10 best Anti theft apps for your Android devices that will protect against theft, viruses, malwares, etc.

1. Find my device

Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021

This app is a part of Google play protect and play services. This app tracks, locks, and erases the data when a phone is lost or stolen. Find my device comes built-in in most of the Android devices. However, you can also install it from Google play store. You will need to connect your Google account on your Android. Once connected, it’ll update your device’s location in a map. You can also use the web interface of Find my device to find your lost device or to lock your smartphone. 

Find my device works on Android 4.0 or later. This app uses GPS to track your device’s location so you’ll need to enable location services to use it properly. If the location services are disabled then you won’t be able to find your device or it will say that the device is unavailable. Find my device is one of the easiest options to protect or track your device.


2. Lockwatch

Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021

This app is very useful as it has proven to catch many thieves all over the world and helped in recovering many lost or stolen phones successfully. 

The Lockwatch app takes a snapshot using the front camera when someone tries to unlock your device with wrong credentials. It takes the picture and then emails you along with its location without letting them know.


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3. Prey

Best Anti Theft Apps For Android 2021

Prey Anti theft is a free Android app available on Google play store. You can manage all your devices from one website with the help of this app. In case of a theft, this app provides missing reports as evidence to the police including pictures of the person, GPS coordinates and a lot more. You can even add a control zone on the map which will alert you when the device leaves that area. Its features include security alarm, security messages, remote lock, and camouflage mode which keeps your app hidden.


4. Cerberus

Cerberus security app is one of the best and most popular Anti theft apps for Android devices. This app tracks the location of your device and helps in identifying the thief if stolen. If the device gets stolen, you can wipe out all the data from the device in order to protect your personal information. Cerberus app guards your device in three ways, by automatic alerts, control via website and control via SMS from another phone. You can lock your device from anywhere, set an alarm to ring, track your device’s location, etc.


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5. Where’s my droid

Where’s my droid is one of the best anti theft apps for Android. It is also a good replacement for Google’s find my device. However it offers much more features than Find my device. 

For finding your device’s location and tracking your past location, it uses GPS technology. It has a remote lock which locks your device to keep your data or information safe from anywhere. It has theft detection technology that automatically detects theft and reacts to it. It also takes a picture when someone fails to unlock your device. With GPS flare, it provides you the location even when your device has low power.


6. Avast mobile security

Avast Antivirus- Scan and remove virus cleaner is one of the best security apps for your Android device. This app provides its users with a lot of tools. Avast antivirus- mobile security and virus cleaner provides an array of alarms, maps and other remote controls to protect against theft. It includes a virus scanner, app locker, photo vault, call blocker, VPN and many more.

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7. McAfee

McAfee mobile security  helps in protecting your device from viruses, malwares, phishing and theft. This app is free but with limited features. If you want all the features then you need to buy its yearly subscription. 

Some features are quite similar as of other Anti theft apps but if someone enters the wrong password 3 times then the device will only be unlocked by a master password. It will take a picture of the perpetrator.

8. Anti theft alarm

As the name suggests, this app prevents your Android device from getting lost or stolen. You can set it to trigger a loud alarm whenever anyone disconnects your device from the Charging port or when someone tries to pick it up from its resting position.

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9. Kaspersky

Kaspersky internet security for Android is an antivirus app that protects your private information and your device. It has 24/7 protection hence scans for threats even when the app is closed. It has anti theft tools that lets you lock and locate your device. It has spy app detection that warns you about which app is tracking your calls, texts or chats. This app includes antivirus, automatic scan, anti theft technology, spam protection, and privacy tools. 

However this app also has some requirements such as it will work on Android 5.0 or higher. Internet connection is required to access some features. 

10. Bitdefender

This app gives your Android smartphone and tablet absolute protection against viruses and malware. It also protects you from link based mobile scams. You can remotely locate, lock or wipe out your Android device in case it is stolen or lost. It has account privacy which verifies whether it has been breached or not.


As time passes by, more security apps will be developed in order to protect your Android device. There are a lot more Anti theft apps in the market but these are some great apps that will protect your device from various viruses, malwares or thefts.

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