JBL Link Smart Speaker Go Vs JBL Go Comparison!

JBL Link Smart Speaker Go Vs JBL Go

Giving thought to buying some new speakers? But couldn’t find a suitable one for you. So here we are doing the hard work for you and giving the best results for which speaker to buy for your price range. 

The two speakers we’ve found useful according to your taste are JBL Link Smart Go and JBL Go. Both of these are quality speakers and may have a high price but they are up to their price and are worth buying. 

JBL Link Smart Speaker Go Vs JBL Go: Comparison Chart 

FeaturesJBL Link Smart Speaker GOJBL Go
Launch Year20212015
ModelLink Smart 500Go
Connection TypeBluetooth, Google AssistantBluetooth, AUX
Colour VariantsBlackBlack, Blue
Stereo SpeakersNoNo
Battery LifeNA5 hours
Battery CapacityNA600mah
Charging DurationNA1.5 hours
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth DevicesSmartphones, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 4.1
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Online Price Range49991999

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JBL Link Smart Speaker Go VS JBL Go: Detailed Analysis 

Build and Design 

Talking about the JBL Link Smart Speaker Go the build quality is awesome. The body contains a google assistant button and Volume adjustment buttons at the top along with 2 mics. The Bluetooth button and mic button are just above the power port. The speaker is covered with a fabric-like material with a cool JBL logo at the front with led lights which indicates the google assistant is active. In the packaging, you will get some paperwork, a plugin wire. 

On the other hand, JBL go is a cuboid-shaped speaker covered with hard rubbery material at the back and a metal net frame at the front covering the speaker. On the right side you’ll find the AUX port, Charging port and a Reset speaker pinch hole. And at the top all you will find the power button, volume controls and a call button topic or reject calls. In the packaging, you will get some instruction manuals, and a Micro USB charging wire. 



Talking about the features of JBL Link Smart Speaker Go, the first thing that comes to mind is it is a smart speaker as it comes with the Google Assistance, you must be familiar with the Alexa speakers and Google Home, this JBL Link Smart Speaker Go almost acts like them. But its most dreadful drawback is that you cannot connect your Bluetooth until you have connected it with google assistance and it also requires a strong Wi-Fi to operate. As this speaker doesn’t have a battery you always have to keep it plugged in to turn it on, and you won’t be able to carry those around.  

JBL Go is a Bluetooth speaker and is very small and lightweight which eases you to carry them around wherever you go and because of their size they are much more comfortable in hands than any other speakers. Now as for the next feature it adds up to the lightweight and small size of the speaker as it contains a call button which you must have realized that you can pick or end calls without using your smartphone and the quality of the mic is that good that the person can’t even notice the difference that you’re talking through a Bluetooth speaker and not with your phone. 

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JBL Link Smart Speaker Go doesn’t have a battery so all the battery specifications couldn’t apply to this speaker.

But the JBL Go model does have a chargeable battery so let’s continue towards the specifications. JBL go has a battery capacity of 600mah which provides playtime of 5 hours after a full charge which is good compared to the battery capacity. It can be fully charged in around 1.5 hours which is not that fast but it still scores its place. 

Audio Quality 

The audio quality of JBL Link Smart Speaker Go is amazing, it’s far greater than what you expect in a 5000 Rupee speaker, it may distort the audio on full volume but everything else is great. The bass quality is excellent, after buying this speaker, surely, your mini dance party will be great. But its only drawback is that this speaker isn’t portable.  

Now comes the JBL Go, its audio quality is not that great in comparison with the JBL Link Smart Speaker Go but it still has a great audio quality while comparing it to other speakers in the same price range. Bass quality is great apart from being a tiny speaker it still provides a great quality of base which is rare in small speakers like JBL Go. 

JBL Link Smart Speaker Go VS JBL Go: Quick Result 

CategoryJBL Link Smart Speaker GoJBL GoBest-One?
Battery LifeNA5 hoursJBL Go
Audio QualityExcellentGoodJLB Link Smart Speaker GO
ComfortabilityGoodGreatJBL Go
Google AssistanceYesNoJBL Link Smart Speaker Go
WaterproofNoYesJBL Go

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Customer Reviews 

JBL Link Smart Speaker Go

  • It’s a good speaker in terms of audio quality, you can just play your chill playlist and relax with great sound quality. 
  • I wasn’t expecting that the Bluetooth connection won’t work without the google assistant 
  • The plugin port takes damage too quickly, bad quality.


  • Very comfortable to carry around, it is your travel partner.
  • I just tested it underwater and it was playing while being inside the sink and was working fine afterwards.
  • The battery backup is not good, it drains too fast.

JBL Link Smart Speaker Go Vs JBL Go: Final Verdict 

As per the above comparison, you must’ve decided which speaker you should buy, if not here are some tips for you to decide which speaker is good for you. First, the price difference of both these products is a major criterion for choosing the speaker, as for most of the buyers the JBL Link Smart Speaker Go is far off their budget so choosing the JBL Go is the only choice left. 

But talking about the wants of the buyers, if you are a traveller or a beach party person you should go with the JBL Go but if you want your speaker with Google assistance in it and you have no need to move with your speaker day to day then the JBL Link Smart Speaker Go is the speaker for you.  

And if you need the speaker for its bass quality JBL link Smart Speaker Go has a great quality bass output but if that’s out of your budget then you should consider the JBL Go, it also has a great bass quality. 

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